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Associated Press
Milwaukee, October 15, 2013
The son of Wisconsin shooting victim Satwant Singh Kaleka plans to challenge former Republican vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan in next year's congressional elections.
Amar Kaleka told The Associated Press that he wanted to bring accountability and transparency back to Washington.

Amar's father was one of the six Sikhs gunned down by a white supremacist at a gurdwara last year.

Later, he urged lawmakers to strengthen gun legislation. He said the Congress seemed more interested in serving lobbyists than the American public.

Amar said he would file his papers on Wednesday to form an exploratory congressional committee. The 35-year-old Democrat plans to formally announce his candidature next month.

Ryan's prominence and fund-raising prowess make him a formidable opponent, but Amar hopes to raise money from wealthy ethnic communities and the Democratic Party.