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London, October 17, 2013
The Brazilian police have reportedly issued a warning to football fans heading to the 2014 Rio World Cup to expect a 'World Cup of terror' at the hands of the country's crime gangs. According to Metro.co.uk, football fans planning to go to South America next year are said to be under threat from the notorious 'First Capital Of The Command' crime syndicate, which has threatened to target fans if the police moves some of the gang members to tougher prisons.

The chief of military police in Sao Paolo, Brazil's largest city, has said that his officers had been told 'to show increased vigilance' ahead of the tournament, adding that the group should be taken seriously and be fought like any other criminal organisation.

The 1,300-strong First Capital Of The Command, formed in 1993 by hardcore inmates of the Sao Paolo's Taubate jail, has been behind a series of riots in the city, the report added.