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Amrutha Penumudi , Hindustan Times
Mumbai, October 17, 2013
Young theatre groups in the city — including Tram Theatre (TT), Company Theatre, Gillo Theatre Repertory and Fat Productions — have been trying to expand their horizons and explore new locations to perform at in the city. Earlier this month, Q Theatre Productions performed at five unusual venues, including a few restaurants. Now, TT is set to stage two of its best-known productions — Alice In Wonderland and A Bird’s Eye View — on the rooftop of a cafe called Temperance in Bandra.

Elaborating on the concept, Choiti Ghosh of TT admits that performing at a rooftop isn’t as fancy or even as viable as it sounds. But they seem ready for the challenge.

“It is different from performing at an auditorium, especially because both our plays include puppetry and music. Even lighting was an issue, but we have now devised a way in which the characters actually light up the entire area with lamps and torches while they are on stage (as opposed to doing it behind curtains),” she says.

TT’s Alice In Wonderland is a modern take on Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece.

“We’ve looked at the basic idea on which his story is based, breaking away from the humdrum of everyday life and entering a world where anything is possible,” says Ghosh.

A Bird’s Eye View “is the story of a pigeon that used to deliver messages during wartime, and gives us a glimpse into the world through its eyes,” she adds.