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Serena Menon , Hindustan Times
Mumbai, October 18, 2013
If we were to sum up our experience in a few words, we would say: simply avoid this place. Those who know the importance of not shooing customers away will understand what we felt at at the end of this review. Clearly, our first mistake was going to Dumpling King. So we’ll move on to the second. We went at around 10.30 pm and all that the staff wanted to do was to go home and send us home as well, with or without a meal. After prodding twice for recommendations, the person in charge simply slurred out the most expensive items on the menu — that’s when we knew we had to take our order to go.

We ordered a Chilly Chicken Dumpling Soup (`130), Paneer and Tofu Dumplings (pan-fried; `140), Prawn Dumplings (steamed; `170) and Chicken on Steamed Rice (`140). None of these dishes made an impression, except the Paneer and Tofu Dumplings, which we managed to eat three pieces of. The Chilly Chicken Dumpling Soup was as good as sipping warm water with two dumplings thrown in.

One bite into the Prawn Dumpling and we knew where that stink we’d smelled earlier was from. While our Chicken on Steamed Rice was being packed, we overheard one staffer telling another, “Oye thoda chicken soup de, curry dry ho gaya hai (pass me some chicken soup, there is barely any curry).” We had no idea that it would mean watery rice. Dear Mr Dumpling King, if we wanted to eat soup with rice, we would have ordered that.

This wasn’t the end of it. We weren’t given a bill! So when we went to get it, we were told, “We don’t give bills.” They also don’t know that they’re running an actual eatery, we’re guessing. Or maybe they actually aren’t running one; we must have misunderstood. That must have been our third and last mistake.

(HT Café reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.)

What: Dumpling King
Where: Gagangiri Building, Off Carter Road, Bandra (W)
Call: No phone
What’s on the menu: Dumplings, rice, noodles
Drinking: No
Smoking: No

At a glance...
Decor: Casual, takeaway
Food quality: Bad
Reservation: Not needed
Service: Distracted
Meal for two: `500