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Navdeep Kaur Marwah , Hindustan Times
New Delhi, October 18, 2013
From playing Inspector Hanuman Prasad Chaubey in the telly show FIR, to getting acclaims for his debut film Shaitan (2011), actor Shiv Pandit has come a long way. He’s now seen playing actor Akshay Kumar’s brother in the movie, Boss, “Boss is a new start. The scale of the movie is much bigger in terms of artist as well as production value, if you compare it with Shaitan. It is a dream come true to be a part of this film,” says the 28-year-old.

Revelling in the big break, Shiv can’t seem to thank Akshay enough for the boost that he has given to Shiv’s career. “Akshay supported me from the day we met. He made me feel very comfortable. Unhone aapna haath rakha hai mujh par. I’m so grateful to him. I couldn’t have asked for a better person. I have struck gold. I won’t let him down.”

Shiv has all the reasons to praise ‘Khiladi’Kumar, for the latter has signed him for a multiple-film contract. But he refrains from using the word godfather. Shiv says, “I don’t think Akshay is my godfather and don’t think even he would like to be called so.Wo mujhe sirf ek darwaza dikha rahein hai. Rest is up to me. I know that he wants me to fly. Akshay himself wouldn’t want people to think that he has become my godfather or that I’ll only work with him. Or that he’ll get me work. I feel that everyone needs that push to make it big and I owe this big break to him. He has no connection with me, still he has been so generous. It is wonderful to know him.”

He also says that work is his only priority right now. “I am just married to my work at the moment and that is the priority. I have no time for love or relationship at the moment. Having said that, I’d also say that I’m open to love,” he says.