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Sanya Panwar, Hindustantimes.com
New Delhi, October 20, 2013
Indian captain MS Dhoni said under-fire bowler Ishant Sharma needs to be given time and space to overcome his nightmare performance in India's stunning loss to Australia in the third ODI at Mohali.

India was cruising to victory when Sharma was brought back into the attack to bowl the 48th over. Four sixes and 30 runs from all-rounder James Faulkner later and the match had swung drastically in the visitor's favour.

But already under pressure to retain his place for the remaining four matches of the series, Dhoni would hope is words could make things a little better for Sharma.

Also, the seamer found some support in Faulkner, who sympathised with Sharma and asken him "not to worry, as it happens to everybody".

But many on social media were neither forgiving, nor understanding.

What's more Twitter, Facebook and even Whatsapp were gushing with jokes, some of them out of line.

Working professional and cricket buff Pranav Joshi's Facebook status read: "Thank you Ishant Sharma, for proving how useless you are. Just realized that Perth 2008 is now a long, long way in the past. You should ideally never play for India again."

On a similar note, college student Zainab wrote on Facebook: Faulkner smoked #IshantSharma for 30 runs in one over! Astonishing!

In fact, some used Twitter to make their point loud and clear- it was Sharma who cost India the match, and he should be shown the way out.

Twitter user Nisarg M Mehta tweeted: "Please bring back Sreeshant and replace with #IshantSharma. Atleast he will fix the match and make our team win."

Another tweet read: "Can you blame the guy? He couldn't really see which side he was playing for!"

Here go the tweets:

Cricket legend Sunil gavaskar too joined in the chorus when he said: "The problem is that we keep judging Ishant on the great spell he bowled to Ricky Ponting in Australia in 2008. But it has been five years since that spell and if he can't replicate it then I think we need to look for someone else."

Jokes, taunts and suggestions apart, few did stand up for the fast bowler.

Twitter user Anisha wrote: "Yesterday #IshantSharma n #MSDhoni were trending!! definitely fr distinct reasons.. even today #IshantSharma is trending.. Stop it guyss!!

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