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HT correspondent, Hindustantimes.com
Sagar (Madhya Pradesh), October 24, 2013
For the second successive day, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi launched a no-holds-barred attack on the Bharatiya Janata Party, saying it did politics from the comfort of “air-conditioned” rooms and the “politics of capitalists”.
Addressing a rally at Sagar in Bundelkhand, a day after his emotional speeches at poll meetings in Rajasthan, Rahul said the BJP’s brand of India Shining politics ignored the cries of the impoverished region.
“The 2008 drought destroyed Bundelkhand (which spreads across Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh). I came here, spent nights in villages here, was bitten by mosquitoes, drank village water, had an upset stomach… I liked it because leaders should know the situation in villages.”    
He accused the BJP of ignoring common people. “When a poor man asks for food, the BJP says where will the money come from.”
Rahul said the Congress spoke of development and at the same time took care to empower people, through employment and measures such as food security.

He said the BJP-led NDA regime boasted about the roads it had made, but the Congress had developed three times those roads in the last five years.

Asserting that the Congress was united for the November 25 elections, he said the party would form the government in MP. “I have spoken to the leaders and they have
promised they will fight as one, without any groupism. The government formed here will be of the people, not any leader or political party.”