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Hindustan Times
New Delhi, October 27, 2013
After Salman Khan, who hosts the reality TV show Bigg Boss, lashed out at TV actor Kushal Tandon for being rude to actor Tanishaa Mukherji in the Bigg Boss house on Saturday night, a number of fans took to Twitter and protested against the actor by calling him ‘unfair’. ‘Unfair Salman’ became the top trend on the site shortly after the show was telecast.

“This was ridiculous... is respect meant only for ur family n friends Mr. Salman? (sic),” tweeted Ronnie Chowdhury. Walter White posted, “You were being partial, classist & a bully. Shame on u.” Nitu wrote, “Plz stop blindly supporting Tanisha & Armaan! Kushal may have been wrong but Gauahar was not! (sic)”

The flurry of angry tweets forced Salman to clarify his stand on the issue. “U see 1 hour i see the whole deal. guess sm of u guys may not react wen sm 1 speaks to your family ka female members or women in that manner (sic),” Salman tweeted. 

“According to wat u saw both shld hv been out but thr was a lot more than wat u saw . most of us men n women stand up against men who run em dwn (sic),” he added.