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New Delhi, October 28, 2013
On Monday night, Bigg Boss inmates are suppsoed to give their nominations for eviction. When the inmates discuss the nomination too much, Bigg Boss warns them and says that they are breaking a major rule of the game. According to the rule, the inmates are not allowed to discuss nominations among themselves.

Bigg Boss asks Kushal, the captain, to discuss with the other inmates and name five contestants who initiated the discussions. These people are then nominated for the week. 

When asked to name the one person who can be majorly held responsible for the discussions, the contestants agree on Andy's name. 

Andy gets upset and says that once again he is paying for others' mistakes.  He slams Pratyusha and calls her a hypocrite. He also tells her that she is too young to be on the show.

Now instead of being sent out of the show, Andy may be moved to Caravaan, the recently introduced part of the show. Two new entrants, Candy Brar and Aijaz Khan are already inside the Caravaan.

Catch the entire fun at 9pm tonight.