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Medha Shri Dahiya , Hindustan Times
New Delhi, November 02, 2013
The property fight between father Kabir Bedi and daughter Pooja Bedi has hit a new low. First Pooja, a TV personality, asked her actor father, Kabir, to leave her late mother Promita Bedi’s house — a Juhu flat in Mumbai — where Kabir was staying with his partner, Parveen Dusanj. Then, she went ahead and sold the house, to which Kabir lashed out saying she didn't have the legal rights to do so.

And now, Pooja has told us that she has the flat share certificate, evidence that shows that the house was in her mother’s name in 1977 and in 1995 it was transferred to her name.

“All of this is so tasteless, undignified and unnecessary. The flat was in my name and I sold it in December last year. I’m really puzzled as to why this is being brought up now and why I am being portrayed as a villain,” she says.

Speculations are rife that the fight, in the first place, was over Parveen eyeing the property, while other reports suggest that the tiff began after Pooja increased the house rent. Apparently, Kabir had refurbished the house on his own expenditure, but Pooja was bent on raising the rent that her father had been paying since he had moved in.

Pooja clarifies: “My father was making sporadic payments.”