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New Delhi, November 04, 2013
Drama never ends at Bigg Boss house. So do Tanisha’s woes.

Aijaz troubles Tanisha, passing some unflattering comments.

Tanisha approaches Armaan, who surprisingly enough, does not want to be involved in the matter.

Armaan dismisses her while asking Tanishaa to stand up for her rights and fight her own battles.

The episode starts with audio clips of stand-up comedian Bharti Singh poking fun at the contestants. Bharti, then, enters the house with gifts and continues to target the inmates. ARMAAN FIGHTS TANISHA

Later, Dadi (Ali Asgar) and Palak (Kiku) from Comedy Nights With Kapil enter the house. The duo fool around with the inmates and present gifts to them. 

Soon, Candy and Andy get in a fight with Aijaz. Andy reminds Aijaz that even Salman Khan had warned him earlier. 

Later, dancer-actor Lauren enters the house and performs to ‘Aao Huzoor’ and ‘Jadoo Ki Jhappi’, entertaining the contestants.