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Navdeep kaur Marwah
New Delhi, November 06, 2013
Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap’s short film on gender sensitisation  may have got 13.5 lakh hits in 10 days on YouTube, but it has also gathered quite a bit of flak from the audience. The film, titled That Day After Everyday, shows three women hitting their tormenters to protest against sexual harrassment. 

“Not sure what to make of this. Women can only be safe if we go around hitting people? Then men will respect us? From a director of Anurag Kashyap’s calibre. Disappointed,” tweeted Poonam Singh, a viewer. 

Even bloggers and columnists have come out strongly against the message Kashyap has tried to convey through his 22-minute film. “Something that really bothers me about this short film is the some what half-thought out, ambiguous message that it sends out. I am not entirely sure what to make of the quick fix solution that you’ve so blatantly used in this film. Violence. Is it ever a solution,” read a post on the blog absolutelynothingspecial.

Meanwhile, Kashyap has accepted the criticism, and taken it in his stride. “It (the film) was done very fast, and there was very short time, not that it should have been an excuse. But the idea and intention was not to offer a solution, the idea was to make people angry, very angry, for them to feel the harassment. In retrospect we never thought it would go viral and we should have thought that. Yes, we could have done better,” Kashyap wrote in response to a column.

Meanwhile, actor Anushka Sharma was abused by a Twitter user when she praised the film on the social networking site. Posing as actor-producer Kamaal R Khan, the person passed lewd remarks against her. A verbal battle followed, which was finally resolved when it was revealed that  it was an imposter and not the real KRK saying those things.