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Aditi Pant , Hindustan Times
New Delhi, November 07, 2013
Their music has successfully blended bhangra, technology and western sounds, and their fan list boasts of Akshay Kumar. Music band RDB (acronym for Rhythm, Dhol, Bass) is back in the spotlight, thanks to their new Bollywood song in Bullett Raja, Tamanche Pe Disco. Say the band members, “We signed a new artist with our label, Raftaar, who’s the talent behind this song. His lyrical content matched the situation and the film so well that the song was composed and the music video was shot, all within a week of the producers hearing the track!”

Interestingly, the band’s journey began with singing in gurudwara.“Everybody starts from somewhere, for us it was from our father who taught us the value of educating ourselves with traditional singing. Ultimately, it was the love of technology that lead us to our passion of making music, which resulted in the formation of RDB. After DJ’ing in clubs, we teamed up with a record label and started composing music. This lead us to create a unique genre of music which blended traditional Punjabi music with international beats and baselines,” say the band members.

Their Bollywood resume includes hits such as Aloo Chaat, Om Mangalam, Rafta Rafta, Gal Mitro and now Tamanche Pe Disco. Talking about their Bollywood sojourn, the band says, “It started with, what seemed like at the time, a prank call from Akshay Kumar, who turned out to be one of our biggest fans. He wanted us to work on his film, Namaste London. We then partnered with Himesh Reshmiya and composed Rafta Rafta. Ever since that song, we’ve been on a roll.”

The band was formed by British Sikh brothers — Manjeet, Surjeet and Kuldeep Ral in 2001. Later, Nindy Gaur joined the band after she married Manjeet. Unfortunately, Kuldeep breathed his last last year, and the band have dedicated their new album to him.