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New Delhi, November 08, 2013
The Friday episode of Bigg Boss 7 is high on emotions. Home-sick inmates tear up after they receive messages from their family members. This includes tough guy Armaan Kohli who gets all choked up after a video message from his mom is played.

The episode begins with Bigg Boss announcing that video messages from family members of the inmates will be played on the TV screen.

Andy's brother takes him through a tour of his house and Andy breaks down on seeing his mother. 

In another message, Pratyusha's parents wish her luck in Bengali, bringing her to tears. 

Later, Sangram gets a video message from his girlfriend Payal. The message boosts Sangram's morale as he had been asking Bigg Boss to let him meet with Payal on her birthday. 

Kamya's daughter sends her a video where she is singing the nursery rhyme ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’. Kamya is touched and cries.

The best moment is saved for the last -- Armaan gets emotional after he gets a voice message from his mother wishing him luck and love.