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Ravinder Vasudeva, Hindustan Times
Khanna/Ludhiana, November 08, 2013
It is the stray animals and not the cops, who regulate traffic on Khanna roads. Strange but true!

When you see a bull standing right in the middle of the road, you better change your own direction, because the 'king of the road' wants to bask in the sun. Well if you don't you are at risk.

In the past six months around 200 accidents have taken place on different city roads and streets of the city because of these stray animals, who rule the roads.

Apart from causing accidents, there have been instances, where stray bulls have even attacked residents and injured them severely.
Hindustan Times during its visit to the industrial town found herds of cows and bulls on different roads of the city posing threat to several lives.

The terror of these animals always looms large over vehicle owners as there have been a number of incidents, when these animals have broken the windowpanes of the cars and damaged them.

“The problem gets worse during night, as they are not visible due to their dark colour. The civic body is aware but they too have failed to do anything in this regard. The stray animal menace is increasing day by day,” youth Congress president Amardeep Singh said.

As per locals, these stray animals are being brought from Haryana and are abandoned in city. The police too have failed completely in maintaining a check.

“Trucks loaded with cows and bulls come late at night and are unloaded at remote areas of the city. On various occasions, locals have arrested few people and the police have even registered cases against them, but the practice has not stopped,” Dr Gurmukh Singh Chahal, local youth Congress chief said.

Turning down the claims made by the municipal corporation and the district administration, city residents allege that no initiative has been taken to combat the menace so far.

“National Highway 1, called the Grand Trunk Road is often blocked by these stray animals. Bulls can be seen standing in the middle of the highway posing grave threat to passersby,” Gurpal Singh, a trader in the local grain market said.

On Tuesday, two giant bulls were seen fighting on the road near the railway crossing beneath the fly-over on the national highway blocking traffic for more than half an hour.

Though there are three to four Gaushalas in Khanna, they too express their inability to accommodate these cows citing shortage of space.

A caretaker of one of the Gaushalas said: “Why should these cows be brought here? This is not the solution to the problem. The number of these stray animals is increasing day by day, but that doesn't mean we can accommodate all.”