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Sweta Kaushal, Hindustantimes.com
New Delhi, November 11, 2013
Ever since Kushal's eviction from Bigg Boss house, the followers of the reality show have been debating over several issues concerning his exit, inclunding the neutrality of Salman Khan.

Twitter has been abuzz with tirades against Salman for favouring Tanisha.

Back to Kushal, it is uncertain whether he will be back on the show. His re-entry is yet to be decided. 

Meanwhile, Gauhar, who returned to the Bigg Boss house, just a day after leaving with Kushal, is seen being despondent on Monday's episode. 

Gauhar feels that since Salman Khan sought opinion from all quarters on Kushal's return, the TV actor might just be back on the show. Throughout the episode, Gauhar is seen staring at the door with hope, perhaps expecting to see Kushal. 

When we contacted Kushal on Monday, he confirms that as of now, his return is not finalised. Kushal also asserted over phone that he was not wrong, while admitting that the manner in which he acted may not have been right. 

Meanwhile, Andy tells Sofia that he is not comfortable with Kushal's possible return. 

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