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Monica Sharma, Hindustan Times
Chandigarh, November 13, 2013
About 21% of the women who died last year in road accidents were on a two-wheeler, noted the Chandigarh police during a rally organised to emphasis use of helmets by women, on Tuesday.
In the past three years, more than 60 women have died in road crashes, of which at least eight died while riding on two-wheelers, said deputy superintendent of police (DSP), traffic, Kamal Deep. This year till date, 96 deaths have been reported in road mishaps, of which the women fatalities were 13. Kamal Deep added that this year, three women died while riding or pillion-riding two-wheelers, and they were not wearing helmets. The injured motorists this year till now are 200, of which 40 were women.

Kamal Deep said that anyone riding a two-wheeler was prone to getting seriously injured in the absence of helmets. "And wearing helmets is not enough; these need to be fastened properly too," he added.

The message was given during a rally organised to create awareness about wearing helmets on the second day of the Chandigarh Police Week.

Inspector general of police (IGP) RP Upadhyaya said, "Through this rally, if we are able to create awareness and save even one life, the purpose of the entire exercise is achieved." Wing Commander CS Grewal (retd), chief traffic marshal, said, "Wearing a helmet is not important only for men. Head injury is a major cause of death in two-wheeler accidents."