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Press Trust Of India
Chennai, November 14, 2013
Defending champion Viswanathan Anand on Thursday conceded that he came out of a lost position in the fourth game of the World Chess Championship match against Magnus Carlsen of Norway. The game ended in a gruelling draw in Chennai on Thursday. “Something went wrong in the opening. I made one illogical move after the next and then I missed something with this knight move. And then I was just basically lost,” Anand said at a press conference after the game.

“I am sure he had many wins in what he played. Towards the endgame it was a little bit scary in this four rooks endgame but finally when I gave a check on A8 and then moved my rook, I was safe,” Anand said.

“I was lucky twice. Just before the time control, I could give a check and made my next move and reached the time control. It happened twice.”    

Asked whether he missed losing the pawn, Anand said: “I didn't really miss it. If I didn't play Ne2 what do I do. I was just being consistent.”    

Carlsen was pretty happy with the way things went for him in the game. “I was doing pretty good, and then when I won the pawn I was very optimistic. He kept on finding resources and I was missing some little things. He really fought very well. It’s bit of a pity to have spoiled such a good position but it was a very good fight,” he said.