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Vaishali Bhambri, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, November 17, 2013
Orange is red brought to humanity by yellow, says Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky. The colour can be called the happiest, with energy and life being synonymous to it. Celebrating the bright spirit of the colour orange, the city is hosting a photography show titled Tangerine Tales, where artists show their different interpretations to it.

Presented by CAMERAunLIMITED, the show exhibits photographs by 12 artists. “In this show, we thought to experiment. With the theme, we gave the photographers a standard size and left it over to their interpretation,” says Ravi Dhingra, the curator of the show. “Each work narrates a tale. This is the first time that we have chosen a colour as a theme,” he adds. 

A photograph by Lubna Sen

As you enter the exhibit area, you will be welcomed with a splash of orange. “I have used a bubble as a metaphor of orange. A bubble encases all that is good and the minute it breaks, we are thrown open to reality. This is my little ‘tangerine tale’,” says Ambika Sethi, a participating artist. “For me orange is a source of energy. My work called Faith has orange tilak on a deity. Another artwork of mine symbolises devotion. Somewhere all this boils down to energy,” says Rohit Kumar. “The orange stripes on a dull gray staircase, the fringe of marigold around floating candles or the dismembered hand of Goddess Durga in the midst of rubble — I have seen orange not just as a colour but as an energy that transforms the surrounding environment,” says Rajesh Ramakri-shnan, another artist.

For Shoba Jolly, the colour symbolises hope and happiness, which she spotted during her travels. “For me, it’s an extremely happy colour. There’s a picture of granthis dressed in blue carrying orange bags. The picture shows the happiness and energy that Sikhism brings.”