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Jatin Anand, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, November 18, 2013
Investigators probing the death of BSP MP Dhananjay Singh’s maid Rakhi Bhadra have unearthed an unsettling video clip of his wife ‘teaching their maid dog tricks’ as she wields and punishes her with an iron rod, sources claim.
This, police sources close to the investigation said, was just one of the video clips they planned to submit in court as evidence of Jagriti Singh’s sheer brutality that culminated in Bhadra’s death a day after Diwali.

“The clip shows Jagriti sitting in a chair in the living room with a iron rod in her hand as she orders Rakhi to sit, kneel and crawl like a dog on the ground,” said a police officer.

“She apparently murmurs instructions to Rakhi and flicks the rod every time she gives a command; the clip also shows her beating Rakhi relentlessly with the same rod when she tips over due to imbalance or requests to get back on her feet.”

The police said the clip, weaned from footage recorded between November 1 and 4, would serve greater purpose as evidence than the admission of Meena, another maid employed by the couple, who stated that she and her colleagues were made to only eat their food off plates as dogs.

Delhi Police was granted two days’ custody of the MP and his wife by a city court to allow the couple to be confronted with evidence weaned from the digital video recorder containing footage from a network of 20 CCTVs installed across their South Avenue residence.

“Both the MP and his wife, understandably, had nothing to say when confronted with the said clip,” the officer added.

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