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New Delhi, November 19, 2013
The inmates are set to play cops and robbers for this week’s luxury budget task, Chor aur Police. 

Bigg Boss allots the roles of thieves to Andy, Sofia, Tanisha and Aijaz while Armaan, Gauhar, Elli and Sangram are expected to play the cops. Kamya will supervise the task and ensure all inmates abide by the rules.

The thieves are supposed to rob personal belongings of the cops and sneak them into the store room. If caught, they will be put in jail, placed in the garden area. 

Andy attempts to steal Armaan’s belongings but is locked in the prison after he is caught. Armaan accidently twists Andy’s hand while putting on the handcuffs. 
Andy starts yelling at Armaan and accuses him of purposely picking on him. Armaan insists that he was only performing his assigned duties. 

A heated discussion ensues and the Bigg Boss has to intervene. Later, Bigg Boss warns the inmates to stay within their limits. Armaan is then seen apologising to Andy once again. 

Armaan is one of the most short-tempered people inside the house and even Salman has pointed out the fact earlier.

In the weekly task, Aijaz manages to steal Gauhar’s bag and places it in the store room. However, in his second attempt, Aijaz is caught and sent to jail. Both Sofia and Tanisha also succeed in stealing Gauhar and Kamya’s belongings. 

The cops have to protect a briefcase that is placed near the pool, tied to a rope. One cop is expected to hold the rope at all times.

Catch the drama at 9pm tonight.