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Ankita Ganguli, Hindustan Times
Gurgaon, November 20, 2013
There was once a boy... With a bat in his hand...  A boy who took on the world... A boy who faced fire... A boy whose soul was spelt I-N-D-I-A…  A boy who doesn’t need any introduction. He is acknowledged as the best batsman of his generation. We are talking about none other than SACHIN TENDULKAR. He is known as the God of Cricket. His passion, love and determination to rule over India and others parts of the world took him to a new level altogether.

Following your desire is pleasing and leads to the liberty of expression. HT presents a man with enormous aptitude, love and passion for art as well as for Sachin -- 'Sanjay Chakravorty', an art director working in Gurgaon. He believes in Sachin's philosophy and for him 'perfection' is that what defines a true artist!
Watch the video to check out his madness and love for Sachin!!!