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Soumya Vajpayee, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, November 21, 2013
Women in Aghanistan are a doubly disadvantaged group. The combined effect of an extremely chauvinistic society and a political regime that is in a constant state of flux has meant that violence — physical, sexual or emotional — has become a normal part of their daily lives. This is what Canadian photographer Lana Slezic tried to capture in her two-year stay in the country.

Her ongoing exhibition, Forsaken, documents the harsh realities of the women who are trying to secure a safe future for themselves even as their country grapples with economic reconstruction after a devastating war.


"My works represent a very emotional journey that has given me an insight into the lives of Afghan women, which is largely horrific. I hope that the collection of photographs will communicate, influence and inspire others to learn more about the plight women in Afghanistan,” says Slezic.