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New Delhi, November 22, 2013
Kushal Tandon, who was shown the doors for being aggressive, is back on Bigg Boss 7. The actor's return had been a topic of debate for almost a month, involving everyone from the inmates to even host Salman Khan.

Before his tussle with Andy, Kushal also fought with Tanisha and Armaan. Interestingly, Kushal was greeted cordially by everyone in the house when he returned. 

Tanisha was one of the most vocal persons to oppose Kushal's return to the reality show.

In Friday's episode, the TV actor, however, asks Tanisha to be his friend for life. Is it for the cameras or real?

Kushal clarifies that he wants to clear all misunderstandings and repent for his mistakes


Kushal engages in a healthy conversation with Tanisha and tells her that he regrets everything that he spoke about her. Tanisha says that she was deeply hurt by his remarks, a lot more than his behaviour towards her during the task. 

Kushal replies that it took some time for him to realise his mistake and adds that now he is genuinely apologetic. 

Kushal further says that he wants Tanisha to be his friend for a lifetime and promises that he will not let her down - be it inside the house or outside. 

Tanisha turns forgiving and gives him a tight hug. 

Is it for the cameras or real? Catch the drama at 9pm tonight.