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Hindustan Times
Mumbai, November 22, 2013
Google India has initiated a campaign to help 5 crore women in the country get used to using the Internet in one year. Through digital literacy, they are undertaking a number of initiatives to achieve the same.

Presently, India has over 20 crore Internet users and is well on its way to become the second largest virtual market in the world, overtaking the US. Only one-third of these users are women.

The initiative will focus on creating awareness about how the Internet can be beneficial for women and improve their lives and work.
In the first stage of this campaign, they will launch a mass media strategy targeted at women to promote the website — www.hwgo.com — that covers the basics of the Internet and special content that is relevant to women in India. The content will be available both in Hindi and English.   

Women will also be able to call a toll-free helpline number to get their queries  answered. A mobile app will also be made available for Android users.