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November 25, 2013
My daughter will turn 10 in some months. Can you list the changes that are likely to occur in her and how should I approach the topic of menstruation?
Girls usually reach puberty between the ages of 11 and 15. Remember, these are just figures, and various exceptions to the rule do exist. In girls, the onset of puberty is accompanied by the appearance of secondary sexual features like the growth of the breasts, onset of the menstrual cycle, growth of the auxiliary and the pubic hair and so on. These characteristics are controlled by the
hormones. You need to make your child aware of the impending changes. Even healthy inputs about the opposite sex and
childbirth are advisable.

A fleeting mention about contraception is also needed. Science behind menses needs to be explained. Also, personal care and hygiene must be discussed. Talk to your child about the use of sanitary napkins as well as their disposal.

I need some clarification about the squeeze and stop technique. Is it safe to use it two times a week? Will the pressure damage my penis? Can my wife use this method on my penis?
The term premature ejaculation is defined as the failure to maintain an adequate erection and control the ejaculation till the time both the partners are sexually satisfied. In humans, the onus is on males. In the squeeze technique, just prior to the orgasm, the thumb
and the fingers are used either by the male or his partner to squeeze the base of the penis. This pressure acts as a stimulus and delays the ejaculation. There is practically no risk of damage to the private parts. Of course, being gentle is suggested. Use of the stop-start method also helps in premature ejaculation.

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