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Samarth Goyal , Hindustan Times
New Delhi, November 28, 2013
Singer Lucky Ali, who rose to fame with his pop single, O Sanam (1996), says that he never creates music for money. “I have never worked in the music industry for money. We, as musicians, are purists and perfectionists at heart. So, there are times when people want to listen to you but they don’t have money for it. Will you snub a ‘no’ to them? I have done shows for free ... done many charity shows as well and there also have been instances when I have charged huge amounts of money. It all depends on the circumstances. I never make music, keeping money in mind,”he says.

The 55-year-old singer says that his music has always been centred around audiences. “It’s what I have been doing for such a long time now. Their (the fans) love and encouragement keeps me going. It is this sense of responsibility that I feel is very special. Hence, all of my work is centred around the audiences”.

Lucky, who will be performing as a part of the NH7 Weekender festival this weekend, also says that the growing number of festivals and improved technology have given artists more freedom to showcase their work. “Festivals are necessary these days. There is so much music happening and all these artists have such massive following. They need a platform to interact with audiences.”

Lucky adds: “Also, with the arrival of technology, artists are becoming independent in their choice of music. Plus the deals with recording companies, which used to be different earlier, are now starting to favour the artist more. In fact, I think, this partnership is now on its last leg. I think it will soon go away and artists will have the complete freedom for their records.”