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New Delhi, December 03, 2013
Wonder why Bigg Boss housemates fought over as flimsy a reason as toys? Bigg Boss tested the patience of housemates by assigning them a task that resulted in an array of fights.

The task: Bigg Boss Ki Toy Factory
Bigg Boss announced a luxury budget task titled Bigg Boss Ki Toy Factory. The housemates were divided into two teams - Armaan’s team comprised of Tanisha, Sangram and Andy and Sofia’s team included Kamya, Kushal and Aijaz. Bigg Boss announced the first production order of 50 soft toys to both teams.

Who did the better job?
While Armaan's team gave its best shot in order to meet the targets, Sofia's team suffered setbacks owing to some lazy team members.

The fight story

Round 1: Kushal and Sofia
Kushal doubted Sofia’s proficiency at leading the team. Kushal refused to contribute towards the task. Needless to say, the performance of this team suffered because of the internal conflict.

Round 2: Armaan and Kushal
Rival team members fought over the quality of soft toys Sofia’s team produced.


Round 3: Gauhar and Andy
Gauhar and Andy locked horns over the quality of work done by Armaan and Andy’s team.


Round 4: Aijaz and Armaan
Aijaz and Armaan did not just have a verbal duel, they also resorted to snatching raw materials from each other’s grasps to meet their production line requirements.


Both the teams failed to meet their preliminary targets.

Will the housemates win the task or lose it because of the constant fighting? Watch tonight's episode.