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Samarth Goyal, Hindustan Times
December 03, 2013
Members of Strings, the Pakistani pop-rock music band, who have been playing in India for the last 13 years, say that the love and affection they get here makes them believe that the cold vibe the two countries shared is  a thing of the past. “In 2013, if you are talking about wars, it’s rubbish. I mean we have seen wars happening a long time ago. Now, the world has changed and we need to take  advantage of that and share the best of both worlds. Music is a part of that and that’s a very good change. Make music, not war,” says Faisal Kapadia, one half of the two-member band.

The band had a great time performing in the Capital as part of the South Asian Bands Festival, that was held on Saturday evening. The musician-duo performed in front of a packed crowd at Purana Qila (Old Fort), and won many hearts by singing some of their classics which included  Zinda, Anjaane, Duur, Dhaani and several others. And, the crowd responded with the same enthusiasm that the band was looking for.

During one of the songs, Faisal politely asked the crowd that when he sings Saara Hindustaan, the audience should reply with ‘Saara Pakistan’. And, the crowd duly responded with the line, reciprocating their love for the band’s music that crosses all borders. Faisal, who spoke to us after the show, said that he loved performing in India.

“The amount of love we get is the reason why we always look forward to performing in India. In the last 13 years, there has not been even one
incident that has made us think otherwise. It’s so much fun performing here.”