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Agence France-Presse
December 04, 2013
The German carmaker believes there's space for another off-road derivative in its growing range of vehicles and will start production on the Q1 in 2016. Audi executives claim that the car will bring all of the performance and luxury elements of the existing, larger Q vehicles -- the Q3, RS Q3, Q5, RS Q5 and Q7 -- to a new range of consumers and that the decision is motivated by the fact that it is seeing significant growth in demand for its existing SUVs.

Over the last six years, 1.5 million customers have bought an Audi off-roader, and Audi believes that by the end of the decade, 35 percent of its customers will be SUV drivers.

To whet people's appetite before production commences, the company has released a concept image to give potential customers an idea of stylistic cues and proportions.

And as sci-fi as the artist's rendering may seem, don't forget, Audi has an incredible track record when it comes to building production cars that look almost identical to their initial concepts.