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Aditi Pant, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, December 10, 2013
Versatility could be her middle name. Actor, singer and author Suchitra Krishnamoorthi has worn many professional hats, the latest being that of an author. And, the 39-year-old gets downright candid in her new book, Drama Queen, no holds barred. Along the way, she manages to create quite a stir with her daring confessions, such as asking filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma to marry him. The book, sprinkled with quirky self-deprecating humour, is relatable and manages to tug at your heartstrings. We indulge in a free-wheeling chat with the author.

What prompted you to write Drama Queen?
I was originally asked by another publishing house to make a compilation of my blogs with a few new pieces added. When I started doing that, I found a whole new story coming out. So, its not like I sat down and decided to write this. It’s a book that wrote itself.

How did you stumble upon writing?
I’ve been writing poems and songs since very young. My first attempt at writing drama was a play called Candlelight in 2003, while I was still living in London. Drama Queen is my third book. The first two — The Summer of Cool and The Good News Reporter —belong to the young fiction genre.

You have written about your life post divorce with filmmaker Shekhar Kapur. Did it prove to be a catharsis for you?
The book is based five years after my divorce. And, of course, writing is cathartic — all art is for that matter.

You have mentioned a lot of film personalities in the book. Were they okay with it?
Of course, I got legal permission to use their names. One cannot use names of public figures just like that.  

Your anecdote about asking  filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma to marry you grabbed quite a few headlines.
Ram is a close friend and very honest. He told me exactly what he felt and did not try to take advantage of my situation. I appreciate his honesty.

Will you get back to music or acting in the near future?
I’m sure I will at some point, depending on what excites me enough. Never say never!