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New Delhi, December 11, 2013
The Supreme Court on Wednesday threw out a 2009 ruling by the Delhi high court that had decriminalised gay sex, in a major setback for the cause of gay rights in the world's largest democracy.

The move shocked gay rights activists and supporters of the movement, who had expected the court simply to rubber-stamp the earlier ruling. Most see it as a betrayal of the very people the court is meant to defend and protect.

The celeb world outraged over the issue on the social media. While many said the decision has taken the rights movement back by many years, others wondered how the court -- which has always sided with people who have no rights - upturn the earlier verdict.

Anushka Sharma @AnushkaSharma
http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/popup/2013/12/shruti_mugshot.jpgSo disappointed with the SC verdict. Freedom is such a deceptive term. Rights are an ambiguous mystery #scrap377

Shruti Haasan @shrutihaasan
Second 377 its frightening how someone else decides how when and who you should love - basically freedom of choice isn't legal anymore :(

Vinay Pathak @pathakvinay
Supreme Court - STRAIGHT? or SCARED!

Ranvir Shorey @RanvirShorey
Don't expect any better when you have lawmakers with self serving, medieval, khap mentalities. #India #scrap377

Poonam Pandey @iPoonampandey
http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/popup/2013/12/poonam_mugshot.jpgHow is making love to somebody you love consensually against the law. #SupremeCourt #Sec377

Sudhir Mishra @IAmSudhirMishra
The decision declaring gay consensual sex illegal betrays a primitive Victorian mind. It is certainly not INDIAN.

Anupam Kher @AnupamPkher
We obviously don't believe in EQUAL Rights even in the Times when we send Mangalyaan to Mars.:) #SupremeCourtVerdict

Farhan Akhtar @FarOutAkhtar
The Supreme Court got it wrong today. #Sec377

Neha Dhupia @NehaDhupiahttp://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/popup/2013/12/farhan_mugshot.jpg
How can love be illegal ? #Section377

Rahul Bose @RahulBose
So much for those believing the judiciary is 'the last bastion of common sense' in this country. #Section377

Kalki Koechlin @kalkikanmani
SC job is to uphold the right and freedom of every individual, not to decide what is culturally acceptable or not. In this case they failed.

Siddharth @Actor_Siddharth
My dear friends from the LGBT community, the next time anybody speaks to you about how great India is, take a selfie of you slapping them.

Harish Iyer @hiyer
I assert that the right on my body, my sexuality is my own. It is not the laws business to tell me who to love. #thejudgementday #section377
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Chetan Bhagat @chetan_bhagat
We are going to put cops behind gay couples. That's the India we are supposed to create in the 21st century?