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London, December 12, 2013
A student is to be disciplined by her university after being crowned Britain’s Horniest Student by a dating website.
Elina Desaine, a Latvian-born student at Exeter University, won 500 pounds and a year’s supply of condoms for her habits, which included keeping a shag list of her victims and sleeping with upto three men a week.

According to a spokesperson of her university, she is now being punished because her win may cause reputation damage to the university, the Independent reported.

This means that she could be excluded from her studies, fined upto 500 pounds, compulsory community service or the signing of a behavioural contract.

However, Exeter’s student newspaper Exepose reported that Desaine competition entry was entirely fabricated.

According to the newspaper, a source confirmed that she and some friends made a joke entry into the contest, inventing the list of her proudest moments, which also included having sex in a university computer room.

When the title was first announced, a spokesperson for the university had said that they certainly didn’t condone this sort of behaviour but their main concern at that time was for the student and the impact this may have on her over the long term.