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New Delhi, December 13, 2013
Tanisha is upset with Armaan because he is spending more time with her ‘enemies’ inside the Bigg Boss house, Gauhar and Kushal. While Armaan is seen chit-chatting with other housemates in the garden area, Tanisha makes a sudden exit from the place, creating an awkward situation for Armaan.

Later on, she tells Armaan that his closeness towards Kushal and Aijaz has been bothering her and advises him to maintain a distance from them.

The actor, however, disagrees with Tanisha and tells her that she is dumping her personal issues on him. Armaan also tells her that she might not like to spend time or talk to the other housemates, but he can’t pick up fight with others because of her ego.

When Tanisha fails to understand his point of view, in exasperation, Armaan tells her that he will not talk to any housemate if that is what she wants. Tanisha then goes on to remove her mike and breaks down.

Armaan, Tanisha in happier times

The two go to sleep without having dinner. Aijaz and Sangram try to make peace between them, but the couple decides to ignore them.

Will the 'lovers' reunite?