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Kavita Awaasthi, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, December 19, 2013
In an unexpected turn of events, Kushal Tandon was ousted from popular reality TV show, Bigg Boss 7, in a mid-week eviction.

This is not the first time that the actor has been barred from the house. Last month, he was thrown out due to his display of aggression towards co-contestant Andy. However, he re-entered the show a few weeks later.

In this interview, he chats about his roller-coaster ride on the show.  

Are you upset about being evicted so close to the end?
Not really. It’s just a game. I got a lot of love from fans. But I didn’t understand why three days ago, when I was nominated, I got enough votes to be saved. But by mid-week, when I got nominated again,  I didn’t get enough.


Did you expect to be back in the house after you were asked to leave earlier?
I did. I hadn’t done anything wrong. I didn’t bash anyone up. Also, more than me, the audience wanted me to re-enter the house.

Did it come as a surprise when Gauahar Khan professed her love for you?
It wasn’t a surprise as we knew we loved each other. Initially, we didn’t want to say anything to each other, because people in the house would have thought that we were doing it for ratings. But we genuinely love each other.

Every week, you seemed to be in the line of fire as Salman Khan keeps picking on you.
That’s fine, I guess I am popular (smiles). 

What do you think of Armaan’s (Kohli) arrest and Sofia’s (Hayat) complaint against him? Do you think it was a publicity stunt?
I don’t know about this. But I’ve stood up for people who are bullied. No one else had the guts to stand up for Sofia, but I did. She’s a traumatised person. If you hit her with a stick on her chin, it is assault.


Do you think your image has taken a beating on the show?
I don’t think my image has gone for a toss. Instead, people now think of me as a person who takes a stand. I don’t think I have earned the image of an angry young man.