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Monica Sharma , Hindustan Times
Chandigarh, December 20, 2013
"The very sight of a Police Control Room (PCR) vehicle sends shivers down my spine. I never knew the minor scuffle at my house would be the beginning of my ordeal," rued the 17-year-old girl who was repeatedly raped by five Chandigarh Police constables for over the past three months. In tears, she added, "I was fed up of being exploited again and again by the cops that is why I confided in a woman putting up in my neighbourhood. The woman told this to my cousin who mustered courage and we reported the matter to the police."

Narrating her story, the Khuda Lahora colony resident said, "Akshay Kumar posted with PCR had come to our house to resolve a brawl between my father and uncle about three months back. The cop saw me and enquired about my routine and where I was studying."

The victim added, "Akshay started following me on my way to the school. He used to come along with another constable Sunil Kumar. Then one day, they both forcibly took me in a police gypsy and raped me about three months back. When I tried to resist, they pointed a gun at me and both raped me repeatedly. They also forcibly gave me contraceptive pills after committing the crime."

Incidents of picking her up on her way to the school continued by the duo and they were joined in by three others - Himmat Singh, Jagtar Singh and Anil Kumar.

"The trio used to outrage my modesty and also forced me to have a relation with them or else they threatened me that they would eliminate my parents. One by one the cops would stalk me on alternate days in the PCR vehicle from home to school. They would come, pick me up and drop me back home after raping me. They also gave me intoxicants before raping me."

"I was so scared of them that whenever I would see a PCR Gypsy around my house or school, I would hide. I started scaling the school wall to rush back home, and would avoid going through the main gate."

The girl added, "If I pleaded them to leave me they would in turn dare me to report the matter to whosoever I wished to. The cops would boast of that they were in the police and no one could harm them."

"I want justice. The five accused should get severe punishment so that it could serve as a deterrent for others and no one should dare to exploit a poor girl," said the victim, who left a part-time job at a shop in Sector 15 just a fortnight back.

'Accused cops thrashed man for giving me lift'
About a month back when I was walking down the road near the shop where I was working, I saw a PCR approaching me. I immediately turned towards a car passing by and asked for lift. No sooner I sat in the car, the PCR chased us and the cops asked me to get down. When I alighted from the car, the accused cops thrashed the car driver for giving me lift.


She never confided in me, says victim's mother

Chandigarh: Daughter of a drunkard father, who remains jobless most of the times, and puts up in a two-room tenement - the life could not have been tougher for the minor victim who was raped repeatedly by the Chandigarh Police constables.

"The perpetrators should be hanged, only then we will get justice," said the victim's mother.

Eldest of the four children (all daughters), the Class-10 student was a ray of hope for the family as she was doing a part-time job.

"I had lost my eldest son about 10 years back, when he went missing from Chandigarh. As if that was not enough, we have got another blow which will never be healed," the mother said.

The victim's father, a drunkard as per police claims, was unfazed with the entire controversy and was away from home. Even when the police needed the parents in the court, only the mother turned up.

Shocked over the turn of events, the mother said "My daughter never confided in me all this while, when she was going through the trauma. In fact, she never asked me before going to the police and complaining about the cops."

"My daughter used to leave for school every morning, but I could never imagine that she was being exploited. We had, in fact, decided to get her married in June next year. She had also decided to quit studies about six months back, but she did not do it just to get the matriculation certificate, which would help her get job," the mother rued.

Victim's relative Urmila, who stays in the same house, said, "Everyone in the locality is shocked to know about the turn of events."
The neighbours, HT team interacted with, said they were not aware of any such incident and had never seen any cop coming to the victim's house.

"The girl did not confide into her mother but preferred to narrate the incident to me as she thought that her parents would never allow her to take legal recourse," said the cousin, who helped the victim approach cops.