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Sweta Kaushal, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, December 21, 2013
On Saturday's episode of Weekend Ka Wow Salman Ke Saath, Armaan Kohli was evicted from Bigg Boss 7.

After Kushal's surprise mid-week eviction on Wednesday, this comes as the second twist to the tale that is widely rumoured to be scripted. Anyone closely following the show would have predicted Aijaz or Tanisha's eviction. After weeks of reports that Salman and Bigg Boss producers were supporting the two Bollywood actors - Tanisha and Armaan, the eviction comes as a big surprise.

Armaan had all the ingredients of an entertainer on the TV show. He was short-tempered, fought with one and all and also had a romantic association with Tanisha. Yet, he was voted out.

Not only followers of Bigg Boss, but Armaan himself felt confident that he would not be evicted on Saturday. After Salman Khan announced that Gauhar and Andy were safe, the Dabangg star took a break and the inmates dispersed to discuss the developments.

Flashback: Armaan argues with Tanisha in front of Sofia

Armaan got upset with Tanisha as she was cooking rather than spending with him in their final minutes before the eviction announcement. Armaan said, "Aapko paneer ki padi hai, abhi aap chale jaoge..Mujhe paneer ki jarurat bhi nai padne wali. I want to spend time with you." (You are more concerned about paneer than spending some time with me. In a few minutes, you will leave the house. I won't even need the paneer.)

After the eviction, Tanisha, Aijaz, Gauhar and Andy remain in the race for Bigg Boss 7 finale.