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Prashant Singh, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, December 26, 2013
In the cutthroat world of Bollywood, it’s rare to see two big stars sharing a close bond. But Aamir and Salman Khan come as a surprise with their friendship and warmth for each other. On Salman’s 48th birthday today, Aamir talks about his equation with Salman and how the latter belongs to a league of his own.

To start with, what’s your equation with your ‘friend’ Salman?
(I am) very fond of him. I think he works in his own style ... that’s very charming.

You guys worked together in Andaz Apna Apna (1994). How do you remember Salman from those days?
If you are asking me about my memory of working with Salman, it was very bad. He used to come late and would never remember his dialogues. After the film I was like, ‘I can never work with him again’. I had thought ‘Salaam dua karenge’, I will be polite with him and all that but I will be never be friends with him. I didn’t enjoy it.

So what changed?
Over time, Salman has become more sensitive and responsible. I feel that many years ago, I, too, was very judgmental, but gradually I felt that perhaps I was being too hard-headed.

When did the two of you really become close?
Our friendship actually began when I was at my lowest. I think at that point, when I was going through my divorce with (first wife) Reena, I was very low. Strangely, that’s when Salman and I connected. A lot of changes came about in both of us at that time. He has taught me to be more flexible, open and less