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Mumbai, December 28, 2013
Actor Satish Shah, who is in a state of shock after he heard about the death of veteran Bollywood actor Farooque Sheikh late Friday in Dubai, said he has lost a great friend.

Satish Shah said, "I got a call from his wife. She said it was a massive heart atrack. He passed away last night. He was hale and hearty and he had taken his family to Dubai for holidays. All I can say is I have lost a great friend." Shah added that he was constantly in touch with Sheikh and the last they had spoken to each other was a couple of days ago.

"We were constantly in touch with each other through SMS. I spoke to him day before yesterday. In fact, I am also close friends with his wife Rupa as we were all in the same college," Shah said.

Farooq's co-star in Club 60, actress Sarika said he appeared to be in good health during their last meeting and they had planned to meet up again.

"It is shocking because he looked well when we last met about 10 days back. He seemed fine. We joked and chatted. He was a brilliant actor that goes without saying but he was a great man, a true gentleman," Sarika said.

"He loved food and that was the theme during the shooting. We all were planning to eat out when he returned from Dubai. He was great in Club 60. It was a one-dimensional character but he played it beautifully," she added.

Farooq Sheikh 65, is survived by his wife and two daughters.

(With PTI, IANS inputs)