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Soumya Vajpayee, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, December 28, 2013
Euphoria’s lead singer, Palash Sen, is upset.

After being slammed on social media for reportedly making sexist remarks at the IIT Mumbai annual festival, the singer’s band has been blacklisted by the college’s administration.

In his defence against allegations that he lamented the lack of beautiful girls in IIT and wished for guys to get girls who will make rotis for them, the 48-year-old singer says, “I had made generic comments. I respect women and all my writings praise them. My statements were in jest.  My job is to entertain. I can’t talk about politics or spirituality. The administration of IIT-B has blacklisted Euphoria. I was not hurt because of the blog (by an IIT-B student, highlighting his remarks), but I was hurt because I was misquoted."

Asked if this has left him bitter about social networking sites, he says, “Everyone in this country has become a writer because of Facebook and Twitter. Likhna aata ho ya na ho (whether they know how to write or not). There have been statements like 'Dr Sen is dead'. The way my mother and wife were targeted was awful."

The singer adds that he’s now focussing on releasing his new song ‘Walk on’ on Jan 26, that discourages the excessive use of vehicles.