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Rameshinder Singh Sandhu , Hindustan Times
Amritsar, December 29, 2013
 Stories help us to understand better the world around us. While some bring tears, others make us feel proud. Hindustan Times, like previous years, has touched upon some of the most inspiring stories of the year in the city. Disability couldn't puncture his spirit

Fifty-year-old Fabio Migli, who hails from Rome in Italy, suffered from paralysis attack when he was 10. It left Fabio paralysed below his waist thus confining him to wheelchair.

Despite odds, he did not give up his passion for travel. HT team met this audacious spirited man in the last week of September this year when he was staying in a local hotel near the Golden Temple. This was his second visit to India to India on his Renault Dacia car. During his journey, he covered about 2,300 kilometres distance by road. He maintained that he never considered himself a disabled individual.

"I have no complaints in life because my willpower is stronger than my disability," he had said.
Before arriving here, he had already visited other destinations in India. After spending a night in Amritsar, he went to Italy by his car.

Film star keeps date with teacher

When Bollywood star Salman Khan came to Patiala in 2011 to shoot for his film Bodyguard, he barely knew his visit will take him back to his schooldays. He met his favourite teacher Manjitinder Singh Bedi who taught him history for three years (1977-79). Bedi was invited by Khan to his film set and the former currently runs his own school in Nabha.

Salman turned very emotional after meeting his teacher after 31 years. He proudly introduced his teacher to his co-stars. Since then, whenever Salman comes to Punjab, he makes it a point to meet his teacher.

Speaking to HT, Bedi said, "The respect and regard that Salman gave me when I met him after 31 years cannot be expressed in simple words. In today's time, very few students offer similar regard to their teachers like he did."