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Kavita Awaasthi, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, December 31, 2013
Sangram Singh was one of the strongest competitors in the Bigg Boss house and admits he was disappointed when he didn’t win.

He says, "But ever since I’ve come out, people have given me so much love and affection that I feel like I have won anyway. They’ve told me that I was the cutest. I was myself (on the show) and didn’t play any games and they saw that. I’m a humble wrestler from a small town (Rohtak in Haryana)," he says, while hiding his disappointment on losing to Gauahar Khan in the season finale that took place on December 28. He adds that he was shocked when he got eliminated "but thinks positive and whatever God does, it is for the best."

Having been part of reality show Survivor in 2011, he says he signed up for this one due to its popularity. "I’ve become a household name, everyone from a child to an adult recognises me. They come and hug me, so this show has given me a better image," he says.

Talking about his future, the wrestler, who has participated in  several national and international wrestling competitions, is open to trying new ventures. "I want to open a wrestling academy and I am not averse to acting in films or another reality show. I feel that a sportsperson too can act and nothing is impossible," he says.

And is marriage with girlfriend Payal Rohatgi, who he has been dating for two years now, in the pipeline?
He says, "I’m lucky that Payal is in my life. As for marriage, right now we are both focussed on our careers, so it will not happen for a year I think."