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Kavita Awaasthi, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, December 31, 2013
Happy to be called an entertainer on a reality show that ended recently, Aijaz Khan says he couldn’t have asked for more.

"I’m happy that I could entertain people. I feel like a winner and that’s my prize," says Ajaz.

The actor adds that he was hopeful of winning when others got evicted before him. "And I felt a high knowing that the audience loved me," he says.
However, his alleged comment in which he called politician Narendra Modi a chor (thief) resulted in an FIR being filed against him and the show. Aijaz clarifies, "That is not true. I didn’t say anything like that. Modi doesn’t need this publicity. If he files a complaint, it’s another thing. However, it seems like someone from his party is out to gain publicity by riding on his name. I am a common man who can voice his opinion."

His interactions with Salman Khan were another highlight on the show. He was mocked by the host at times. Did he feel so too?
He says, "Salman joking around with you is a big deal. That means he likes you or he wouldn’t do it. I never felt bad. And if Salman takes your name again and again, it means you are famous."

Aijaz’s antics in the house — from singing to professing his love for co-contestant Gauhar Khan — were all caught on camera.

"People know it’s a game. When you enter as a wild card, you need to make an impression. I wasn’t there to show my goodness. As for Gauhar, she’s a good friend. I enjoyed being the kebab mein haddi," he smiles.


Does he think Kushal (Tandon) is good for her?
He says, "I don’t know. Gauahar knows what is best for her and she’s mature enough to gauge what is good or bad."