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Darpan Singh , Hindustan Times
New Delhi, January 02, 2014
The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) continues to receive donations for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and since December 12, when the collection started, the party has collected Rs. 3.72 crore. On January 1, the party got Rs. 41 lakh from 2,476 donors, highest since December 12. The average collection has been around Rs. 17.5 lakh a day.

The donation collection resumed after Arvind Kejriwal urged people to contribute "wholeheartedly" to the party for future electoral battles.

The five-day-old government led by Kejriwal faces the crucial vote of confidence in the Delhi assembly on Thursday which it is expected to sail through with the help of the Congress despite the bitterness between the two parties.

Delhi is vital to AAP's national designs as it can showcase its "achievements" in the Capital during the Lok Sabha elections which are due in April-May. If the government falls, AAP can gain sympathy and shift the blame to the Congress party.

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The party had on November 17 stopped asking for donations after its target of Rs. 20 crore for the Delhi assembly elections was met. The AAP spent Rs. 18.25 crore on the Delhi elections out of Rs. 20 crore that it received from 71,616 people and kept a corpus of Rs. 1.75 crore.

Maximum donations have come from India followed by the United States, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Qatar.

Online donations spiked after the party ran an online campaign -- Donate Rs. 2014 in the year 2014. About 1,500 such donations have been made so far.

The party has been doing well on other fronts as well.

About four lakh people have either joined the party or become its volunteers online alone since AAP's stunning poll debut on December 8.

It continues to grow on social media platforms too.

Kejriwal now has 1 million followers on Twitter whereas Harsh Vardhan, who was BJP's chief ministerial candidate in the Delhi elections, has about 32,000 followeRs

AAP's Facebook page also has one million likes now.