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Shikha Sharma, Hindustan Times
January 03, 2014
From new superfoods to wellness holidays, here’s what to expect.

Funky foods will turn cool
Chefs will whip up new developments in molecular gastronomy, and cute foods like cake pops (lollipop-sized cakes on a stick) will dominate.

Superfoods will get on the menu
From Himalayan herbs to Chinese ‘super plants’ and grains from the Andes, new foods from across the world will be more accessible.

Last year quinoa, a South American grain, was all the rage. Which super food will be ‘discovered’ next?

Health will go high tech
Using tech for your health will become fashionable and convenient, pushing the trend for health apps that are easy and fun to use. From the humble pedometer to new glitzy apps that track our BP and pulse, motion monitors will be the next stage. 

Tele-medicine (remote diagnosis via technology) will evolve
Breakthroughs are expected in genomics. The human genome may just be the toast of the year.


Surgery will go high-end
More of us will have gadgets placed inside our bodies, from knee implants and pacemakers to hearing aids and cataract lenses.

Fit will get sexy
Flat abs will be more desirable than narrow waists. Instead of diets, we’ll discuss fitness nutrition plans.  

We’ll take wellness vacations
This will be the next fashion statement. These vacations will take care of everything and include destressing relaxation techniques and indulgent body treatments. Beautiful and remote international locations will now lure wellness travellers.

ON THE APPSIDE: apps and tech to track and improve your health will get trendy)

Ayurveda and yoga will become more popular
Because they never went out of style in the first place. And because they offer answers to most people’s wellness needs.

Junk food will be disguised as health food
Closely reading nutrition labels will be the only way for us to get smart, as firms get cagey about the ingredients they use.

Natural and organic products will rise
All stores proud of their variety or quality will house them.

From HT Brunch, January 5

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