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Hindustan Times
January 03, 2014
Presenting The Brunch Book Challenge

The idea is to read 24 books in 2014 – that’s two books a month, easily achievable if you read for about 15 minutes every day or a few hours every weekend.
You can keep trying to lose weight, quit smoking or learn a new language. But barely into 2014, you’ve probably already broken your resolutions, forgotten all about them or are procrastinating. So here’s a New Year resolution you can easily keep – and we’ll even help you keep it!
http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/popup/2014/1/books.jpgRead anything you like – bestsellers, critically acclaimed titles, indie books, classics, self-help, self-published, old favourites or even racy trash – just keep us posted. And we’re in this together. We’ll tell you what we’re reading, what’s new, and if it’s a good time to revisit something old. We’ll tweet about our progress and you tweet about yours. Tag @HTBrunch using the hashtag #BrunchBookChallenge and tell us what you’re reading, whether it’s any good, if a character is getting on your nerves or even how to make the perfect reading cuppa...
We’re trying to put together some goodies for those who can keep up with the challenge. So here’s to a year with some great books! Happy reading!
From HT Brunch, January 5
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