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Samarth Goyal , Hindustan Times
New Delhi, January 18, 2014
“The DnB scene is growing in India right now. In most other countries it has been there, or is fading out — people are jaded for they’ve heard it for so long. In India, people are just getting to hear it now,” he says, adding, “I mean it’s still fresh, so it has a long way to go. All the international acts and everybody else I have talked to are excited to come to India and play, as there is so much more energy.”

The musician also says that the Indian audience is still exploring new genres, adding, “Indian crowds arestill fresh. They are excited about new sounds in contrast to other countries where people have gone through that cycle already, with only the younger generation finding it fresh. But, in India, everybody is finding it fresh because it’s new,” he says.

When asked if he has any plans for Bollywood, he says, “DnB has made its way into Bollywood and has been well accepted by audiences. But as of now, I am not looking at Bollywood.”