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Samarth Goyal, Hindustan Times
January 23, 2014
Vande Mataram might be a song in the praise of our motherland. However, Promila Bahari Jain, the multi-talented ­entrepreneur and artist,  has used our country’s national song to promote a very ­sensitive ­message — teaching the sons of this country to respect and ­honour their mothers, through her album. “Forget about being patriotic and respecting motherland. Right now, men can’t even seem to respect their own mothers. I have focussed on the word ‘son’ because of the current ­violence against woman,” she says.

Promila who collaborated with his son, Viraj, further says, “The idea was to use the national song, which talks about our motherland, ­modernise it and use the ­original lyrics in asking sons to love, respect and honour their mothers.” The song’s video talks about various moments in a mother-son relationship and throws light on the communication between the two.

Promila’s son Viraj, who has played the bass, has also sung the song. “Viraj’s voice was a really nice discovery. We knew he can play a lot of instruments and is a ­wonderful guitar player. But when we started recording the song, his voice came out as a revelation,” says Promila.