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BK Singh & S Raju, Hindustan Times
Allahabad/Meerut, January 28, 2014
In two separate incidents, deadly confrontations spurred tensions near Uttar Pradesh’s Allahabad and Bulandshahr towns on Tuesday, after the deaths of four people. In Eastern UP’s Allahabad, an argument between two youths turned into a gunfight, with one dying on the spot and two others being hospitalised with gunshot wounds. The incident took place at Shantipuram crossing, around 10km from Allahabad on the Allahabad-Lucknow road, where tensions between the Hindu and Muslim communities have been brewing over supply of sand to the under-construction areas.

The deceased was identified as 21-year-old Shabi Akhtar who was reportedly shot dead by Rakesh Kumar Yadav, 25. Yadav too sustained gunshot injuries in the incident.

In Western UP’s Bulandshahr, a deadly caste conflict broke out over the alleged eve-teasing of a Dalit girl by members of the Thakur clan. The incident led to a confrontation, with members from both sides using sharp-edged weapons and firearms in a riotous clash that left two dead on the spot and one other with fatal injuries.

When police reached the village to control the confronting mob, they were attacked by angry villagers. Three including a sub inspector and constable sustained injuries and a number of police vehicles were damaged.

Suspect rioters from both communities have been taken into custody for interrogation.

Additional police forces have been deployed at both placed to avoid further clashes as the situation remained tense.