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Sai Prasad Mohapatra, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, February 08, 2014
BCCI president N Srinivasan will become the International Cricket Council (ICC) Board chairman from July. Srinivasan, in an interview to Sai Prasad Mohapatra, explained the wide-ranging and controversial shake-up in cricket's world body. Q: Now that you have been selected as the chairman of the ICC. What is your broader vision for the ICC going forward?
Ans. We are looking at making the ICC a robust and efficient institution in preserving and maintaining the primacy of test cricket. We further endeavor to concentrate more on the development of the game and take it to different parts of the world. Constant improvement in infrastructure is one such factor we promise to give lot of emphasis to.
Q: Your role it is said is transitional and a tenure of two years, which expires after 2016. In what way you see the ICC is going through a transition, and your role is going to bridge that gap?
Ans. Since all these resolution come into effect soon, so on governance, administrative and policy front, my role is to start on a note that these decisions are implemented in the right manner and we are even more driven now to achieve them. Since it was BCCI’s turn to nominate and represent the ICC Chairmanship for the first time, I am set to perform that role. After the expiry of two year’s tenure, the Chair of the ICC Board will be elected from within the ICC Board with all Full Member Directors entitled to stand for election.
Q: Do you see any constitutional impediments either in the BCCI or in the ICC rulebook that brings you to the point of clash of interest – performing the role of ICC Chairman vis-à-vis BCCI president?
Ans. Not to my knowledge, I don’t think there is any such provision in the ICC or in the BCCI that may come in the way of performing my duties in these two positions.
Q: But there are issues which you and the BCCI in particular is very vocal about-the issues of umpiring and DRS. How are you going to deal with that, on the one hand as an ICC official and on the other as a BCCI official? What will be your stand on DRS once you take charge as ICC Chairman?
Ans. As of now I am still some months away from taking responsibility in the ICC, July to be precise. At this moment I am still speaking as a representative of the BCCI. What will be my stand on this issue is a futuristic question, you will ask me again once I take charge. At this point I cannot say what I feel as an ICC official, I am still not one yet.
Q: You said primacy on test cricket is your priority. You have set up a Test Cricket Fund with all seven nations are a recipient of it except for India, Australia and England. How is this fund be utilized to write-off their financial losses owing to unattractive loss making test series?
Ans. We realize the importance of test cricket in totality, now the problem we confront is how to make test cricket sustainable under the threat of severe financial loss that many of these countries have faced or facing. This fund will take care of their home programme of test cricket in the next cycle up to 2013, the idea is to encourage these nations to host more test matches at home so that a healthy ratio of test cricket be played everywhere. In another way, this fund will be utilized for the development of test cricket in whatever way the format demands a bit of attention.
Q:  But do you still maintain that India deserves more revenue than any other countries, and how are you going to decide on what parameters it is going to be framed?
Ans. There are several factors, which we have taken into account in arriving at a scorecard based on that definitely India deserves more revenue than the rest. For example, contribution in sponsorships, broadcast rights fee, history of the game, the participation of the boards in various tournaments, the achievements of the team etc are a mix of factors we considered that demands a greater share of revenue. Cant say in numerical as to what percentage exactly India is going to get, there is an arithmetic still being worked out.
But you must remember its not just India, let me tell you in the next rights cycle by our own projection everyone is going to get more than before with no exceptions affiliates and associated included.